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Russian lawmaker urges Washington to comply with Iran nuclear deal

A Russian lawmaker believes Tehran is quite right in accusing the US of stalling the process of implementing the JCPOA

TEHRAN, March 6. /TASS/. A Russian legislator has urged the US to comply with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, saying all treaties must be fulfilled which fully refers to the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

"If the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was sealed in Geneva on January 16, 2016, the Americans must fully comply with the treaty the way Iran does," Igor Morozov from the Federation Council’s (upper house) International Affairs Committee told TASS.

"Our position on abiding by the terms of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal is as follows - we believe that the treaties must be observed," Morozov stressed.

"If sanctions are to be lifted under the terms of the reached agreements, they must be lifted. If the US is to return the money frozen under these sanctions, it must be returned," the legislator noted.

He said that Tehran is quite right in accusing the US of stalling the process of implementing the JCPOA. "Iran simply has no time, it must make up for the time when the country was under a trade embargo," he resumed.

"The Iranians must build a new system of relations with their partners, they must urgently restore the economic infrastructure, and first of all in the oil sector, and for this, money is needed. That is why the US is obliged to return these means to Iran, as well as to contribute to the normalization of Iranian banks’ relations with the global financial community," the MP said.

"For now, this is one of the fundamental problems preventing Iran’s full cooperation with its economic partners," Morozov said.