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Putin draws West’s attention to Ukraine switching to terror

"I believe it is already obvious for all that today’s Kiev authorities are not seeking the methods of solving problems through negotiations but are switching to terror," Putin said

MOSCOW, August 10. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he had drawn the attention of the United States and Europe to Ukraine, which was switching to terror.

"I would also like to turn to our American and European partners," he said at a press conference after negotiations with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

"I believe it is already obvious for all that today’s Kiev authorities are not seeking the methods of solving problems through negotiations but are switching to terror. This is a very alarming thing," Putin said.

Vladimir Putin has described as alarming reports of prevented operations by Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea.

"This news is very alarming, indeed. Our special services have prevented a reconnaissance and sabotage group of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry from getting into Crimea," Putin said.

Russian President has described as silly and criminal the Ukrainian special services’ attempt at an act of sabotage in Crimea. The real purpose was to distract attention from Ukraine’s internal problems, he added.

"This action, the one we’ve just seen in Crimea, was silly and criminal. It was silly because it is impossible to influence the people of Crimea in this way, and it was criminal because it caused loss of human life," Putin said.

Putin hopes the U.S. will exert influence on the Ukrainian government if it is really interested in the solution of the Ukrainian problem.

"The main thing is that everyhone who supported in incumbent authorities in Kiev should decide for themselves in the final run what they actually want continued provocations on the part of their clients or real peace settlement somehow," Putin said.

"If they really want this and I strongly hope they do they should take some practical steps at last so as to put appropriate pressure on the Kiev government," he said.

Russia to take additional steps to ensure security in Crimea

Russia will do everything it can to ensure the safety of citizens and infrastructure in Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. "We will certainly do our utmost to ensure safety of infrastructure and citizens. We will take additional measures to ensure safety," he told a news conference following talks with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

"I want to say that those will be serious additional measures and more than that," Putin said.

Normandy format meeting

Russian President said he considers a meeting in the Normandy format pointless against the backdrop of Ukrainian saboteurs' attempt to organize a terrorist atttack in Crimea.

"Of course, in these circumstances holding a meeting in the Normandy format, the more so in China, is pointless. Apparently, those who once seized power in Kiev and are still retaining it have shifted to terrorist practices instead of searching for compromises,… instead of searching for ways of a peaceful settlement," Putin said.

Kiev earlier suggested holding a meeting in the Normandy format (bringing together the Russian, Ukrainian, French and German leaders) on the sidelines of the G20 meeting to be held in China on September 4-5. Moscow agreed with this proposal.

Putin also noted that Russia considers the recent assassination attempt of the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic an act of terrorism in the wake of the latest developments in Crimea.