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First China's university under foreign management to be set up on Hainan

According to the newspaper, the first enrollment is scheduled for 2021

HAIKOU, August 18. /TASS/. The Hainan government and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Germany) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, according to which the first China's educational institution will be set up on the island and will be fully managed by a German university, reported the Hainan Daily.

According to the news outlet, the institute will be located in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone in the northwest of the province. It aimes at training highly qualified personnel, promoting the development of Hainan's free trade port, attracting investments from Germany and creating enterprises with foreign capital on the island.

According to the newspaper, the first enrollment is scheduled for 2021. The institution will offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in "intelligent logistics", "mechatronics", "data science", "industrial design and services", "enterprise economics", "economic engineering", "economic information", "smart technologies", "enterprise management", "project management", etc.

The article writes that in accordance with the preferences of Hainan's free trade port, the educational institution will be allowed duty free import of teaching materials and equipment, and teachers will enjoy visa-free travel and a preferential rate of individual income tax.

Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971. It offers 37 bachelor and 25 master's programs.

In June the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Сhinese State Council published the “General Program for the Establishment of a Free Port on Hainan,” according to which the island’s administration intends to create an effective system to fulfill a number of important social and economic goals by 2025, and within 10 years to decisively enhance the innovative mechanisms for the region's development.  

The Negative list

On July 23, a new version of the negative list came into force in China, regulating the access of foreign investments to the Chinese market and the Chinese free trade zones (FTA). The negative list is a list of areas of activity, access to which for foreign companies or enterprises with foreign capital participation in China is partially restricted or prohibited.

In accordance with the latest changes, foreign investors can independently create and manage industrial and technical educational institutions, but only on the territory of China's free trade zones. The previous version of the negative list for FTZs allowed only joint management of these institutions.

In April 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the launch of Hainan's pilot free trade zone/