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Russia to sell over 360 cutting-edge helicopters by 2030

As was reported on Thursday, the flight model of Russia’s most advanced Ka-62 helicopter performed its first trial flight

MOSCOW, May 26. /TASS/. Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry plans to sell 365 cutting-edge Kamov Ka-62 helicopters by 2030, the ministry’s press office reported on Friday.

"The program’s implementation will help both provide for stable revenues of Russian Helicopters Group from the sales in the period of 2018-2030 and capture no less than 20% of the intermediate class helicopter market. According to our forecasts, the sales will amount to 365 helicopters through 2030," the ministry’s press office quoted Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov as saying.

As was reported on Thursday, the flight model of Russia’s most advanced Ka-62 helicopter performed its first trial flight over the site of "Progress" Arsenyev Aviation Company, part of Russian Helicopters Group.

The flight lasted 15 minutes and showed that all of the helicopter’s necessary adjustments had been successfully completed, the Russian Helicopters press office reported.

The test pilots of the Ka-62’s main developer (the Kamov Company) assessed the helicopter’s overall performance capacity and checked the operation of its basic power supply systems, onboard equipment and the engine unit.

"Today’s flight tests have showed that we have successfully completed all the necessary adjustments of the trial model, relying on the results of fulfilling previous points of the program for putting the helicopter into service," Company CEO Alexander Mikheyev said.

Specifically, the test pilots checked the helicopter’s stability and controllability and the operability of its basic systems and complexes, he added.

The Ka-62 performed a 15-minute flight around a circle at a speed of 110 km/hr.

The Ka-62 flight model got off the ground for the first time in April this year to assess its general operability and check the operation of its basic power supply systems and onboard equipment.

As Mikheyev said at that time, the new helicopter will become a worthy supplement to the civil versions of the world’s renowned and most mass-produced Mi-8/17 chopper, "taking up the most needed niche in the category of the take-off weight of six-seven tonnes."

The Ka-62 is designated to transport passengers, carry out rescue operations, and also can work in the oil and gas sector. The helicopter’s high power-to-weight ratio offers a wide range of altitudes for its operation. The Ka-62 can be used in a hot climate and it can perform flights above the sea.