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King of Jordan notes Russia’s role in resolving Syrian crisis

Vladimir Putin has thanked King of Jordan for supporting meeting in Astana
Jordan's King Abdullah II and Russian President Vladimir Putin Alexander Nemenov/Pool Photo via AP
Jordan's King Abdullah II and Russian President Vladimir Putin
© Alexander Nemenov/Pool Photo via AP

MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. Russia plays a crucial role in resolving the Syrian conflict, King Abdullah II of Jordan said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

"We recognize Russia’s crucial role in resolving this (Syrian) and many other regional issues," he said.

"We do fully support the settlement process launched in Astana and appreciate Russia’s role and its involvement in this process," the king added. He expressed the hope that "the Syrians will have a common inclusive future," while the corresponding negotiations will continue in a variety of formats, including in the Geneva one.

According to the King of Jordan, international terrorism has been a serious challenge to security for many years.

"I travel a lot around the world. I have talked with many leaders and tried to convey our stance, your stance," Abdullah II said. "Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to such views, not everyone listens to us, but today I am glad to be here again, to visit Moscow and reaffirm that we are bound by serious and strong friendship with you. We also have a common vision, which will contribute to stability and the normalization of the situation in the region."

The Kind of Jordan added that he particularly appreciates close relationship between Russia and Jordan and between the two countries’ leaders.

Putin has expressed his gratitude to King Abdullah II of Jordan for supporting the negotiation process on Syria in Astana.

"I would like to thank you for supporting the process launched in Kazakhstan’s capital," the Russian leader said during a meeting with the king in Moscow.

"Thanks to our joint effort the process is developing on the basis of a very important decision that has been achieved - the cessation of hostilities, the ceasefire between the government forces and armed opposition," Putin added.