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Fillon says Russia takes control of situation in Middle East while West is losing it

The French diplomacy’s view of the world needs a change, Francois Fillon said
French foreign minister Francois Fillon EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT
French foreign minister Francois Fillon

PARIS, January 10. /TASS/. Wrong foreign policy has weakened the global positions of France and the West in general, said former French Foreign Minister Francois Fillon who plans to run for president in this years’ election. According to him, in particular, in the Middle East Russia has taken the initiative.

"France’s voice is not heard at international level nowadays, so we should take measures in order to raise the country’s profile. France and the West have lost control over the situation in the Middle East while Russia, Turkey and Iran have become very influential. The French diplomacy has been embarrassed watching it all as it has made many mistakes," Fillon said.

"In 2017 the time has come to decisively change the French diplomacy’s view of the world. Measures should also be taken to boost France’s military capabilities. I want to raise France’s global influence and profile," the politician stressed.

In this regard, he said he was going to meet with German Chancellor Angel Merkel in the next few days in order to detail the plans aimed at solving the problems Europe had been facing.

"Donald Trump’s election win and the Berlin attacks bring about a significant change in the situation in Europe. For the US, the European continent is no more a priority while the recent tragic events mean that the era of pacifist conception of reality has come to an end in Germany. France should use this opportunity to ensure that European countries join their efforts aimed at strengthening collective security and defense, developing scientific and technological innovations as well as increasing the resilience of the Eurozone," Fillon added.

"No matter if people like it or not, but the situation in Syria has been changing, which could provide the French diplomacy with an opportunity to actively participate in these processes. I want France to regain its rightful place on the international stage, a place between Russia and the US, Sunnis and Shias. France should once again become a player that other countries will listen to," Fillon concluded.