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John Kerry says despite disagreements Russia and US are ‘important partners’

John Kerry said the US and Russia are cooperating on many issues and remain important partners

NEW DELHI, September 2. /TASS/. In an interview with The Times of India daily, US Secretary of State John Kerry hailed cooperation with Russia on the settlement of topical international issues.

John Kerry said the US and Russia are cooperating on many things. "They were an important partner in the Iran nuclear agreement; they've been constructive in taking fuel and destroying it, limiting the stockpiles," he said.

"We worked together on getting chemical weapons out of Syria. We're trying to get a cessation of hostilities in Syria," he went on.

The US diplomat also touched upon the Ukrainian crisis. "We have disagreements, you have to manage those. Minister Lavrov and I had a constructive day in Geneva," he said.

"If we're thoughtful, clear about our concerns... hopefully we can find a way forward with Russia. It is important that we do," he said.

In reply to the question whether US sanctions could prompt Russia towards closer ties with China, he said "Russia is not going to fall into anybody's arms".

"It is a proud country with enormous history, great talent and capacity," John Kerry said, noting "We wish it would sometimes direct all of that in a more constructive direction".