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Tajikistan’s President-elect Rakhmon gets support of over 84.23 % of voters

The turnout was 90.1%

149 ¶ ¶ DUISHANBE, November 13, 21:51 /ITAR-TASS/. Tajikistan’s President-elect Emomali Rakhmon received 84.23 percent of votes in last week’s election, with a turnout of 90.1 percent, the Central Election Commission said on Wednesday, November 13.

About 3.8 million people went to the polls. Candidates from the Communist, Agrarian, Socialist, Democratic Parties and the Party of Economic Reforms received 1.5-5 percent of votes.

Rakhmon will be sworn in on November 16 at a joint session of both houses of parliament. The ceremony will be followed by a military parade in Dushanbe’s central square, where the Army and other security services will take an oath of allegiance to their supreme commander-in-chief.

No foreign delegations will attend the inauguration and no reception is scheduled.

Rakhmon, who has been ruling Tajikistan since 1994, has been re-elected for another seven-year term and will stay in office until 2020.