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Fire erupts at US military base in Syria after Israeli missile attack – TV

Al-Hadath TV channel did not provide data on the dead and wounded

BEIRUT, February 19. /TASS/. A fire broke out at a US military base in Syria, which came under missile shelling on Saturday, the Al Hadath TV channel broadcasting from Dubai reported.

According to the channel, one of the missiles hit the helipad, next to the fuel tank, and as a result the fire broke out. There were no reports of casualties or fatalities among the American servicemen.

The Al Hadath TV channel also reported that a military facility near the Al-Omar main Oil Field was put on alert. Troops at the neighboring US base near the Al-Tabiya gas field were also put on high alert.

The TV channel said that the missile strike was carried out by pro-Iranian Shiite formations stationed in Deir ez-Zor Governorate and fighting on the side of the Syrian army. Before the shelling, a drone carrying reconnaissance activities was shot down in the sky above the base.

Attacks on US bases in northeastern Syria became more frequent after unidentified drones attacked a convoy carrying Iranian weapons and oil products in the Abu Kamal border region with Iraq on January 29. As a result, dozens of Shiite fighters were killed and six fuel tankers were destroyed.