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Americans behind shelling of Kherson with HIMARS, local administration believes

It is reported that Ukrainian army aims at high-rise apartment buildings in the most densely populated district

KHERSON, September 15. /TASS/. Americans are conducting the Kiev regime’s bombing of Kherson with HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems, a deputy head of the Kherson Region’s military-civilian administration Kirill Stremousov wrote on his Telegram channel on Thursday.

"We are absolutely confident that all the shots fired from US weapons are made directly by the Americans. This is why we say once again that they don’t care about Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians. They are interested in one goal only - terror and murder by any means, and inciting more chaos and more confusion which we are experiencing now not only in the Kherson Region but also in all of the liberated territories," Stremousov said.

He added that Kiev’s assertions that the Russian side was shelling itself were ridiculous.

Another deputy head of the Kherson Region’s military-civilian administration Yekaterina Gubareva took to her Telegram channel to note that with the new shelling of Kherson in which children were killed, Kiev laid the foundation for an "avenue of angels" in Kherson similar to that in Donetsk. "In the most densely populated city district the Ukrainian army shelled high-rise apartment buildings [resulting in the] first deaths: two kids and two adults. On September 14, Ukrainian Nazis literally founded the ‘avenue of angels’ in Kherson, similar to the one in Donetsk," she wrote.

According to preliminary information, on Wednesday night, the Ukrainian military used a HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) to shell Kherson. As a result of a strike on a large residential neighborhood, two adults and two children were killed. A projectile hit a roadway and windows were blown out in adjacent buildings.