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Nikolayev authorities go door to door to test residents’ loyalty — authorities

Zamazeeva added that each city resident is subject to those checks

KIEV, August 6. /TASS/. The authorities of the city of Nikolayev, where a two-day curfew was declared on Friday, have organized door-to-door visits to identify disloyal residents, Anna Zamazeeva, the head of the Nikolayev regional council, said on Saturday.

"They are coming to each apartment. They are looking at everyone’s ID and mobile phones, checking everything," she said quoted by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN as saying.

She added that each city resident is subject to those checks.

On Friday, Vitaly Kim, head of the civil-military administration of the Nikolayev region, declared a curfew in the city for the weekend, until 05.00 a.m. on August 8. During the curfew, locals are allowed to walk their dogs and take children to playgrounds, but must have their IDs.

Earlier, Kim announced plans to seal Nikolayev off for a day or two days to "neutralize collaborators and traitors." He claimed that all the residents were under suspicion.