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Biden: There is a genuine prospect to improve US-Russia relations

He has said that he had a detailed discussion with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about the next steps in the sphere of strategic stability

GENEVA, June 16. /TASS/. A genuine prospect has appeared to improve relations between the United States and Russia based on the results of his talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, US President Joe Biden said at a news conference after the Russia-US summit in Geneva on Wednesday.

"I think there’s a genuine prospect to significantly improve the relations between our two countries, without us giving up a single, solitary thing based on principle and our values," Biden said.

Commenting on prospects of relations with Washington after the Russia-US summit, Putin said that there could not be any kind of "family trust" in relations between Moscow and Washington, but "some glimmers" of it were seen.

On Wednesday, Geneva hosted the Russia-US summit, which was initiated by Washington.

Next steps in the sphere of strategic stability

Biden has said that he had a detailed discussion with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about the next steps in the sphere of strategic stability.

"I also said there are areas where is mutual interest for us to cooperate," Biden noted, adding that he particularly means "strategic stability." "We discussed in detail the next steps our countries need to take on arms control measures, the steps we need to take to reduce the risk of unintended conflict," he stressed. "I am pleased that we agreed today to launch a bilateral strategic stability dialogue."

The joint statement by the two leaders published on the Kremlin’s website reads that Russia and the US "will embark together on an integrated bilateral Strategic Stability Dialogue in the near future that will be deliberate and robust." The statement also highlights, "the recent extension of the New START Treaty exemplifies our commitment to nuclear arms control.".

Mlitary response

The United States did not threaten Russia with any military response to ransomware cyberattacks at the summit in Geneva on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden told a press conference following his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

"We didn’t discuss a military response," he answered one of the questions.

Bilateral cooperation

The US administration does not object to bilateral cooperation when Russia acts within the framework of international norms, President Joe Biden said at the press conference after the US-Russia summit.

"By the way, we talked about trade. I have no problems with doing business with Russia as long as they do it based on international norms. It’s in our interest to see the Russian people do well economically," the US President said.