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Belarus reports over 800 new COVID-19 cases, six deaths

As yet, Belarusians are not cleared to enter the EU as Brussels deems the country’s epidemiological situation as unfavorable
The Minsk Region, Belarus  Natalya Fedosenko/TASS
The Minsk Region, Belarus
© Natalya Fedosenko/TASS

MINSK, June 9. /TASS/. The number of new coronavirus cases in Belarus rose by 812 in the past day to 50,265, and six patients died, the Health Ministry said on its Telegram channel on Tuesday.

"Some 50,265 people tested positive for the coronavirus. Over the entire period of the infection spread in the country 282 patients who had a number of chronic diseases and a coronavirus infection died," the ministry said.

To date, 24,506 COVID-19 patients have been discharged, including 626 in the past day. A total of 644,160 tests have been carried out in the country. Specialists say that a country copes with the epidemic when no more than 3% test positive for the virus. As of June 9, this figure was 7.3% in Belarus.

Earlier, the Health Ministry said the number of cases was declining in the capital, as well as in the Minsk and Vitebsk regions. The Belarusian authorities decided against imposing a lockdown over the pandemic. The country allows holding mass events, and the presidential election campaign is underway ahead of the vote scheduled for August 9.

However, the World Health Organization announced that Belarus was in the top five of European countries for the number of coronavirus cases recorded in the past two weeks.

The European Union earlier compiled a list of countries, whose citizens are allowed to enter its member-states for tourism, business and other purposes from June 2020. Belarusian citizens are not included in this list because the EU deems the situation in the republic as unfavorable.