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Emergencies ministry considering additional flights to evacuate Russians from Gaza Strip

Psychologies, doctors, and Ministry experts accompanied the first flight

MOSCOW, May 27. /TASS/. The Russian Emergencies Ministry is exploring the possibility of additional flights to repatriate Russians wishing to leave the Gaza Strip amid the armed conflict between Israel's forces and Hamas, a ministry spokesperson told TASS.

"On May 27, sixty-four people, among them 31 children, were brought to Moscow on the Russian Emergencies Ministry's flight from an airport outside the Gaza Strip. The dates and routes for additional flights are in the works," the spokesperson said. According to the ministry, the evacuation was voluntary and in line with the law. Psychologists, doctors, and Emergencies Ministry experts accompanied the evacuees during the flight. "Psychologists helped the Russians adapt to their new surroundings. The new arrivals did not need medical assistance as they are in satisfactory condition," the spokesperson added.

The flight was carried out in accordance with Russian President Vladimir Putin's order on the evacuation of Russian nationals and CIS citizens from Gaza, signed on May 20.

A ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian groups active in Gaza took effect on May 21. The exchange of rocket fire had been raging for 11 days. The armed conflict killed about 250 people in the Gaza Strip and left some 2,000 wounded. Thirteen people lost their lives in Israel.