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Russian scientists develop device capable of finding people under 5 meters of snow

It takes "no more than 3 minutes" for the device to scan a defined area

MOSCOW, August 25. /TASS/. Scientists from the Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations’ Scientific Research Institute for Civil Protection and Emergencies developed a device, capable of finding people under five meters of snow. The device has no analogs in Russia at this point.

"This unique device will make it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of search and rescue operations, including in complicated weather conditions. The device’s operation is based on radiolocation principle. It provides high search fidelity at up to 5 meters deep," the Institute told journalists.

The Institute disclosed that the device provides rescue teams with a picture of the snow layer’s structure, indicating whether there are any victims under the snow.

It takes "no more than 3 minutes" for the device to scan a defined area, the scientists say.

The new device’s parameters significantly increase the chances of a successful rescue, compared to devices used currently during searches after avalanches. In particular, the new system can find people equipped with no special markers.

The new device is presented at the Army-2020 international military and technical forum, which will last until August 29 at the Patriot park in the Moscow Region.