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Ladies welcome: Roscosmos forming cosmonaut crew for outer space missions

The space corporation's chief hopes that the number of female cosmonauts will increase

PYATIGORSK /Stavropol Region/, August 20. /TASS/. Cosmonauts from the team that is being put together now will work in outer space, Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin said on Tuesday at a meeting with the Mashuk forum participants.

"The cosmonaut crew that we are forming now are people who will work in outer space, not just on the ISS [International Space Station]," the corporation’s boss said.

Rogozin noted that females are needed on the team. It is not about equality, he said, but about the difficulty of staying together in closed quarters for many months. "Of course, contact between the crew has to be close," he added.

Roscosmos’ chief hopes that the number of the crew’s female cosmonauts will increase.

Recruitment for the cosmonaut crew started in Russia on June 3.