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International terrorism problem practically solved inside Russia, says security chief

At the same time, terrorism keeps growing across the globe, Nikolai Patrushev said

GROZNY, September 12./TASS/. Russia has practically solved the problem of international terrorism inside the country, but terrorism is on the rise across the globe, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said on Tuesday.

"We must be proud of having practically overcome this problem (of international terrorism) inside our country," Patrushev told reporters. "Yes, we do see some sporadic manifestations, but this comes due to what is going on in the world, not because this happens in Russia," he added.

"At the same time, this threat is growing in the world," he added. Focusing on international security, Patrushev also mentioned such problems as cyberterrorism and threats connected with uncontrolled migration. "We see that it is information security that can have most serious consequences if neglected," he added.

Patrushev also stressed that Europe had practically itself initiated migration flows into the region, noting that many migrants are illegal and some were trained in Syria and Iraq, having ideological training and practical skills. "And now we are witnessing what is going on in Europe," Patrushev said.

Fight again terrorism is common cause

Patrushev has urged all countries to join efforts in fight against terrorism. "We urge all not to take pride in having achieved success, but to work jointly, and not to think that this or that state is the greatest and can give law to others, saying who should be doing what," he added. "We must work all together, lending an ear to what our partners say," he noted.

Patrushev reiterated that the US was discouraging representatives from other countries from going to Grozny in 2016 for a meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues. He said those who came were glad that they had not succumbed to persuasions.