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Putin slams statements about Russia’s intention to attack Europe as 'absolute nonsense'

According to the Russian president, it is not Russia that poses a danger to Europe, but its dependence on the US

MOSCOW, June 14. /TASS/. Speculations by representatives of European states about Russia’s alleged intention to attack Europe are "absolute nonsense," Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the Foreign Ministry’s senior staff.

"The anti-Russian propaganda campaign, in which very high-ranking European figures are involved, is accompanied by speculations that Russia will allegedly attack Europe," the head of state said. "I have spoken about this many times. We all know that this is absolute nonsense," he emphasized.

According to the president, it is not Russia that poses a danger to Europe, but its dependence on the US. "The danger for Europe comes not from Russia. The main threat to Europeans is the critical and ever-increasing, almost total dependence on the United States in the military, political, technological, ideological and information areas," he said.

According to Putin, Europe is "increasingly being pushed to the margins of global economic development, plunged into the chaos of migration and other acute problems, deprived of independency and cultural identity." "Sometimes it seems that the ruling European politicians are more afraid of falling into Washington's disfavor than of losing the trust of their own people, their own citizens. The recent elections to the European Parliament prove this," the president said.

"Now Russia's relations with the EU, as well as with a number of European countries, have degraded. I have many times emphasized that it is not our fault," the head of state added.