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Russia to retaliate against Kiev for terrorist strikes — Putin

It is reported that on Monday morning, at the Defense Ministry’s proposal and according to the Russian General Staff’s plan, a massive strike was carried out

ST. PETERSBURG, October 10. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday began a meeting with members of the Russian Security Council devoted to the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge by saying that the Ukrainian authorities were using terrorist methods and Russia was obliged to respond to them.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu briefed the Security Council on the results of the morning strikes agaisnt military command, communications and energy facilities in Ukraine.

TASS has summarized the key ideas of Putin’s statement.

Kiev’s terrorism

"Obviously, the Ukrainian special services were the masterminds, organizers and perpetrators of the attack [on the Crimean bridge]. The Kiev regime has long used terrorist methods," Putin said. Ukraine’s current authorities have placed themselves "next to international terrorist formations and the most notorious groups."

Kiev does not stop at "nuclear terrorism", either, by constantly attacking the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. There have been three acts of terrorism against the Kursk nuclear power plant. As a result of the latest "three high-voltage power lines were damaged at once." Serious consequences were prevented.

"A number of terrorist attacks and attempts at similar crimes have been committed against electric power facilities and gas transportation infrastructure of our country, including an attempt to undermine one of the sections of the TurkStream gas carrier. All this is proved by impartial evidence, including testimonies by detained perpetrators."

Nord Stream explosions’ masterminds

Russia’s representatives are not allowed to investigate the causes of explosions and the destruction of international gas transportation systems under the Baltic Sea, but "we all know the ultimate beneficiary of this crime."

Moscow's reaction

"Leaving crimes of this kind unanswered is already simply impossible," Putin said.

On Monday morning, at the Defense Ministry’s proposal and according to the Russian General Staff’s plan, "a massive strike was carried out with high-accuracy long-range air, sea and ground-based weapons on energy, military command and communications facilities in Ukraine."