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Switzerland cannot represent Ukrainian interests after losing neutrality — Russian MFA

Ivan Nechayev noted that Switzerland’s role as a mediator and a representative was out of the question

MOSCOW, August 11. /TASS/. Switzerland lost its neutrality after joining sanctions on Moscow and thus cannot represent Ukrainian interests in Russia, Russian Foreign Ministry Deputy Spokesman Ivan Nechayev said at a briefing on Thursday.

According to him, a while ago, Switzerland asked for Moscow’s opinion about the possibility for the country to represent Ukrainian interests in Russia and vice versa. "We made it perfectly clear that unfortunately, Switzerland has lost its neutrality and cannot act as a mediator or a representative of interests," he pointed out.

"The fact that Bern suggested talks with Kiev on mutual representation while being aware of our stance only confirms that it doesn’t really care about Russia’s interests. This only reinforces our position that Switzerland’s role as a mediator and a representative is out of the question," Nechayev added.

He also noted that Bern supported the Kiev regime and participated in an aggressive Russophobic campaign unleashed by the West and Ukraine. "It is unclear how it’s possible for a country behaving like this to offer mediation, representation and other good services," the diplomat said.

Swiss Foreign Ministry Spokesman Pierre-Alain Eltschinger told TASS on Wednesday that Switzerland was ready to fulfill Ukraine’s request to represent its diplomatic interests in Russia if Moscow agreed to that.