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No need to respond to external attempts to question Russian elections — Medvedev

The deputy head of the Russian Security Council stressed that Russia would rather rely on its own laws and sovereignty

MOSCOW, September 28. /TASS/. There is no need to respond to external attempts to question the legitimacy of Russian elections, Chairman of the United Russia party Dmitry Medvedev, who also serves as Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council, said in an interview with the RT TV channel.

When asked how Russia should react to some Western countries' attempts to question the recent State Duma elections even before the start of the voting process, Medvedev said: "We don't care a bit about such allegations. We are an independent country, a big country that enjoys sovereignty over all of its territory. We have our own laws. So whatever they say, it doesn't matter to us," he added.

The deputy head of the Russian Security Council noted that it was becoming increasingly difficult to challenge election results in the United States. According to him, supporters of former US President Donald Trump saw nothing good coming out of their participation in protest activities as "some of them are now imprisoned, while others — the majority of them — have been obstructed, removed from social media."

When commenting on reports of YouTube's plans to delete content about US and German election rigging, Medvedev wondered if it also concerned Russian elections. After receiving a negative response, he noted that "it is very much like their policy." "Obvious as it may seem, but it's the policy of double standards," United Russia's chairman said.