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Putin: Nord Stream-2 should promote energy market development

The Russian president says the Nord Stream-2 is not aimed against anyone

MOSCOW, June 21. /TASS/. The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is a purely commercial project having all chances to be successful, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday at the meeting with Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Ben van Beurden.

"As far as our plans are concerned, including the Nord Stream-2 project, it certainly has all chances for success," the head of state said. "I always stress this is a purely commercial project," Putin added. 0vnk

The Nord Stream-2 is not aimed against anyone; it should promote energy market development and this should be explained to all partners with a cool head, Putin said. "We simply need to explain without anxiety to all our partners, to all interested countries that this project is not aimed against anyone but on the contrary - it is called to promote development of energy market," he said.

Energy resources can be received from other sources, the Russian President said. "It depends on competitiveness, logistics and the price of all these components," Putin said. "It seems to me the dialog with all our partners should be patient and with a very friendly spirit," he added.

The Nord Stream-2 project is connected to prospects of growing gas consumption in Europe against a simultaneous decline in gas production in the region, particularly in Northern Europe, Putin noted.