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Growing prices for console games not ‘unreasonable’ — Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO

There hasn’t been an increase for really quite some time, Jim Ryan said

MOSCOW, November 19. /TASS/. The growth of prices for console video games with the arrival of a new generation of consoles does not seem ‘unreasonable’, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told TASS in an exclusive interview ahead of the PlayStation 5’s global launch.

"If you look at the history of price increases for console video games, it’s a relatively modest one. There hasn’t been an increase for really quite some time," Jim Ryan told TASS.

"The trend that we’ve seen from certain publishers to offset the significant increases [in the costs] of making a game for PS5 and other next generation consoles doesn’t seem to me to be unreasonable. If you look at our category of entertainment on a dollars or rubles per hour of entertainment basis, video games look very cheap," he added.

The PlayStation 5 console was released on seven markets on November 12, followed by a global launch on November 19.


The full interview with Jim Ryan is available here: