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Kiev plotting false-flag invasion of Transnistria — Russian top brass

Representatives of the nationalist formation "Azov" banned in the Russian Federation will also take part in it, the department noted

MOSCOW, February 23. /TASS/. 

The Kiev regime is plotting a provocation against Transnistria implemented by Ukrainian troops and members of the Azov battalion in the near future, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Thursday.

"According to obtained information, in the near future, the Kiev regime is planning an armed false-flag operation against the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic which will be implemented by the units of Ukraine’s armed forces with the involvement of the Azov nationalist formation (recognized as a terrorist organization and outlawed in Russia - TASS)," the military agency said.

It specified that a staged invasion by allegedly Russian troops from Transnistria will be used as the pretext for the invasion. "To this end, Ukrainian saboteurs involved in the false-flag invasion will be wearing the uniforms of the servicemen of the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces," the ministry added.

The Defense Ministry also stressed that it was closely monitoring the situation on the border between Ukraine and Transnistria and was ready to respond to any changes.