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Putin calls modern Russian Army ‘a blend of technologies, innovations and knowledge’

The Russian President also noted that the combat readiness of military units and formations directly depended on the command staff of the Armed Forces

MOSCOW, June 28. /TASS/. The modern Russian Army is a true blend of advanced technologies, innovations and knowledge, which assigns a special role and responsibility to commanders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with graduates of military universities in the Kremlin on Monday.

"The commander’s role and responsibility grow manifold. This requires not only substantial and fundamental theoretical preparedness in military science but also the readiness to continually educate oneself and help subordinates master the latest models of military hardware because the modern Armed Forces are a true blend of advanced technologies, innovations and knowledge," the head of state emphasized.

Today, the combat readiness of military units and formations directly depends on the command staff of the Armed Forces, Putin pointed out.

"Of course, this has always been the case but this is especially important today," the Russian leader stressed.

"The personnel’s combat skills and spirit, the ability to operate quickly, skillfully, competently and coherently in modern conditions largely depend on the commander, taking the advanced hardware into account," Putin went on to say.

Address to the graduates of military universities

The Russian president said that his meeting with the graduates of military universities was traditionally being held in the Grand Kremlin Palace, although it was organized without an official reception due to the pandemic.

"Nonetheless, in the St. George Hall, the hall of the Russian military glory, we are greeting the best of the best, the graduates of universities, academies of the Defense and Emergencies Ministries, law-enforcement agencies and special services," Putin said.

Addressing the graduates, the Russian leader said that they had gone through worthy professional training and completed their studies brilliantly. Putin said he hoped that they "are ready to address the most responsible tasks that are subordinated to the main goal of ensuring Russia’s security, protecting citizens’ peaceful life and their rights and freedoms".

"You have made your choice, your choice in life. Like many generations of sons and daughters of the Motherland, you have devoted yourselves to military service and the work in other areas that are vital for the confident and stable development of the country and society," Putin stressed.

"It is you that will continue and strengthen the legendary traditions of valor and honor, courage and patriotism that have served in all the times as a guideline for our officer corps," the Russian leader said.

"These behests have always been cherished in the Army and the Navy," Putin stressed.