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Kiev ignores Minsk accords by not withdrawing heavy weaponry — DPR official

According to DPR envoy to Contact Group, about 400 pieces of heavy weaponry were pulled out from the republic as of yesterday but there are no such moves on the Ukrainian side

ROSTOV-ON-DON, February 26. /TASS/. Contradictory to the Minsk accords on the Ukrainian conflict settlement Kiev authorities are not pulling out its heavy weaponry from the contact line with the self-proclaimed republics, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) envoy to the Contact Group said on Thursday.

"The situation concerning the weaponry pullout is very tense," Denis Pushilin said. "We are withdrawing [military hardware], but there are no such moves on the Ukrainian side."

"Why this is not happening and will be they [Kiev authorities] withdrawing from the Minsk agreements for the third time already," Pushilin said adding that as of yesterday "about 400 pieces of heavy weaponry were pulled out."

According to Pushilin, OSCE (the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) monitors need to confirm the pullout of the heavy weaponry from the contact line.

"However, it is important that the pullout is registered on the Ukrainian side as well, since if it is registered on one side only we will put our militia forces in the line of fire. We do not intend doing so," Pushilin added.

Earlier in the day Igor Plotnitsky, the leader of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) said that his republic withdrew almost 80% of heavy weaponry in line with the Minsk agreements and OSCE monitors confirmed that fact.

However, Plotnitsky said that Kiev troops withdrew only 15 or 20% of its military hardware adding that "They are not fulfilling the Minsk agreements."