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Talks underway with militants on civilian exit from Azot plant, LPR envoy says

According to Rodion Miroshnik, up to 500 civilians may be hiding in bomb shelters at the plant

LUGANSK, June 11. /TASS/. Contact has been established with militants holed up in the Azot chemical plant in the city of Severodonetsk and talks are underway on providing civilians with a safe passage to leave the facility, the Lugansk People’s Republic’s (LPR) Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik wrote on Telegram on Saturday.

"Contact has been established with the militants, talks are underway on the safe withdrawal of civilians from the plant. Ukrainian forces will receive guarantees that their lives will be spared and they will be given humane treatment under the relevant international laws if they release the hostages, lay down their arms and surrender without conditions," he pointed out.

According to the envoy, up to 500 civilians may be hiding in bomb shelters at the plant. Up to 400 militants are holed up at the facility, he added.

Head of Russia’s National Defense Management Center Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev said earlier that Ukrainian militants, who were forcibly holding hundreds of Severodonetsk residents in the Azot plant’s underground facilities, planned to blow up chemical containers when retreating.