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Japan introduces ‘new lifestyle’ as it braces for second COVID-19 wave, says ambassador

According to the envoy, the measures taken allowed the country to flatten the curve in some 45 days

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Japan developed a number of recommendations for its citizens, compliance with which would make it possible to mitigate the risk of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kazuki told TASS.

He recalled that the two main measures, "aimed at consistent prevention of the infection spread and at minimization of the pandemic’s effect on the economy," were taken in Japan.

"First, Japan aims to reduce contacts between people as much as possible. In this regard, people were asked to refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent walks outside and trips to other regions. Besides, people must carefully watch their actions, avoiding the so-called three close factors: enclosed spaces, mass gatherings and close contacts," the diplomat explained.

Second, the ambassador continued, attention was paid to suppression of the infection hotbeds and perfection of the healthcare system.

"These measures are supposed to prevent an explosive spread of the infection and to minimize the number of severe cases and lethal outcomes," he added.

"It is impossible to forcefully limit walking outside with fines and other penalties in Japan. Nevertheless, we managed to almost completely pacify the situation with the current infection spread in just a month and a half," the envoy noted. "I think our country has proven the effectiveness of the ‘Japanese model’."

New lifestyle

Meanwhile, the ambassador noted that the coronavirus threat has not disappeared yet. "If we thoughtlessly withdraw the already taken prevention measures, we will be in for a second wave. In a bid to return to our daily life amid the coronavirus, and to protect the economy and people’s jobs, one must learn to coexist with the virus, while exercising the right kind of caution," the envoy said.

He noted that, in this regard, the Japanese governmental expert council proposed to introduce a "new lifestyle" in the country.

"It is a set of measures, compliance with which is recommended to all our citizens. They are based on the three rules aimed at prevention: social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing," the envoy said. "We issued a guide, which explains how to use these rules in our daily activities, such as shopping or eating.

"A new work style was also proposed, including working remotely or in shifts," in a bid to prevent contacts between people, he said. "We developed a detailed guide on leisure, including visiting cinemas and attractions."

"While controlling the infection risk this way, Japan will continue to further increase its level of social and economic activity. By sharing its experience with the global community, Japan intends to cooperate with other nations of the world to win over the virus. Of course, we cooperate with Russia as well and we intend to overcome this crisis together," the diplomat underscored.