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Russian science fiction author reveals two of his film adaptations in West fell through

Sergey Lukyanenko revealed no other details

KALUGA, April 12. /TASS/. Russian science fiction author Sergey Lukyanenko said on Tuesday that two out of three film adaptations of his books in the West have failed.

"I have a lot of books under film adaptations or under contracts, and at some point, in the stage of filming. I can say that a month ago, two Western film adaptations out of three planned ones, with concrete terms and ready materials, fell through," he told TASS, not going into further details.

Lukyanenko is the author of the Watch Hexalogy, Labyrinth of Reflections, Rough Draft and Final Draft novels. He rose to fame as a Russian science fiction writer thanks to the novels Knights of Forty Islands and Nuclear Dream, as well as from his collection of short stories and novellas.