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Discrimination of Russians to continue, it must be countered — Foreign Ministry

According to Vladimir Andreyev, that pressure must be countered at the state level
Russian Foreign Ministry Valery Sharifulin/TASS
Russian Foreign Ministry
© Valery Sharifulin/TASS

MOSCOW, July 21. /TASS/. Campaigns of discrimination against Russians abroad will only keep growing and must be countered, says Deputy Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry Department for Interaction with Compatriots Abroad Vladimir Andreyev. 

"I am certain that discrimination and harassment campaigns against Russian compatriots, Russian citizens, and politicized accusations in courts will continue and become even more devious. This must be countered," he said.

Andreyev noted that the Foreign Ministry believes that the Fund for the Support and Protection of the Rights of Compatriots Living Abroad must continue ramping up its international human rights activity.

"Naturally, this will be done with the potential that has already been built up in these ten years [of the Fund’s existence]. However, unfortunately, there is also a certain negative aspect here. We would be most likely be glad if there were no need for such activity, but this activity will only increase and deepen," he underscored.

The diplomat noted that this pressure must be countered at the state level, and this is the task of state agencies, including the Foreign Ministry.

"However, there will be tasks that can only be solved via an intervention of this unique human rights mechanism, which will act boldly and with resources available for certain situations," he added.