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Daily COVID-19 case growth in Russia stays under 10,000 for seven days in a row

A total of 326,448 cases were registered in the country

MOSCOW, May 22. /TASS/. In the past 24 hours, 8,894 people contracted the COVID-19 infection in Russia, the coronavirus prevention operational headquarters told journalists Friday, adding that this figure has stayed below 10,000 for seven days already.

The total case count in Russia reached 326,448.

The daily growth rate reduced from 2.9% to 2.8% a day ago, the HQ said, adding that 3751 patients or 42.2% show no symptoms.

In Moscow, 2,988 infection cases were registered, bringing the total case count in the city to 158,207. The daily growth rate in Moscow is 1.9%, the same as the day before.

Besides, 824 cases were registered in the Moscow Region, 389 in St. Petersburg, 202 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, 150 in the Krasnoyarsk Region, 138 in the Rostov Region, 127 in the Kaluga Region, 110 in the Penza Region, 109 in Dagestan, 105 in the Bryansk Region and 103 in the Yaroslavl Region.

In 57 regions of Russia, the case count exceeds 1,000 people.