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Strolling into the future: Russia could create freely-walking robot by 2023

This kind of mechanism could emerge in 3-4 years, the manufacturer of the Russian Skybot F-850 android robot said

MOSCOW, August 22. /TASS/. A robot capable of moving without human interference or special devices can be created in Russia in 3-4 years, said Yevgeny Dudorov the executive director of NGO Android Technology, manufacturer of the Russian Skybot F-850 android robot (also known as FEDOR - Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research), in an interview with TASS.

"If we’re talking about the robot’s ability to walk on its own, then I believe that this kind of mechanism could emerge in 3-4 years, a fully independent robot capable of performing any action," he predicted.

The expert also recalled that that videos showing FEDOR performing simple tasks can be found on YouTube, such as walking on a smooth surface, bypassing obstacles, and climbing up stairs.

"The issue is whether we consider this gait and if this decision is the right one. Not exactly for now, we are not content with the pace that we designed. We are working further to achieve the result when the robot is fully independent and can adapt to the surface it is stepping on, and it is able to get used to functioning with external loads," he stressed.

FEDOR’s ISS voyage

On August 22, the Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket with Soyuz MS-14 spaceship is scheduled to be launched. Although there will be no humans on board this time, the Soyuz-MS spacecraft will carry Russia’s Skybot F-850 android robot and cargo to the International Space Station (ISS).

The Skybot F-850 android robot (previously called FEDOR - Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) was developed by Android Technology Company and the Advanced Research Fund on a technical assignment from Russia’s Emergencies Ministry. The android robot will join the Russian crew of the International Space Station to continue the tests of "the space-designated anthropomorphous system," Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin said earlier.