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Russian hi-tech firm unveils lunar program concept at Le Bourget air show

Russia’s State Space Corporation Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin earlier offered Chinese partners cooperation in the lunar base and Earth’s remote sensing system

LE BOURGET /France/, June 17. /TASS/. The Central Research Institute of Machine-Building (TsNIIMash), which is the lead research organization of Russia’s State Space Corporation Roscosmos, unveiled the concept of the country’s lunar exploration program at the Le Bourget air show on Monday.

As the TsNIIMash materials indicate, the first landing on the Earth’s natural satellite is planned for 2023. Cosmonauts will carry out "experiments on the surface and applied research." During this period, automated space ships will also be operating on the Moon’s surface.

After that, regular missions to the Moon are planned along with the deployment of a permanent lunar base. The basic stage is scheduled for 2032 - 2035. The permanent base is planned to be deployed precisely by 2035. During regular missions, "re-transmitters, energy modules and robotized systems" will be deployed on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite, the materials say. At this stage, cosmonauts will carry out scientific experiments on the surface.

Building equipment and large-tonnage cargoes will be delivered to the Earth’s natural satellite to deploy the permanent lunar base. There are plans to "expand lunar research and experimental programs and launch a full-scale lunar basic operation."

Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin earlier offered Chinese partners cooperation in the lunar base and Earth’s remote sensing. He made this proposal at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (June 6-8).

As the Roscosmos chief said, Russia is planning to deploy the system of outer space monitoring in the area where the number of industrial noises is minimal and to study deep space with a prospect of organizing international cooperation in the sphere of asteroid and comet safety.

The Le Bourget-2019 air show runs in the Paris suburb on June 17-23. During the week, about 2,000 companies from 48 countries will demonstrate their innovations. This year, Russia will demonstrate only civilian products at its exposition at the Le Bourget air show, as was the case in 2017 when military products were on display only in the form of mockups and advertising materials.