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Russia detects 27,022 daily COVID-19 cases, lowest number since October 6 — crisis center

The relative increase of new infections is at the level of 0.26%

MOSCOW, December 20. /TASS/. Russia has registered 27,022 new confirmed COVID-19 infections over the past 24 hours, with the total number of infections reaching 10,241,812 cases, the anti-coronavirus crisis center told reporters on Monday.

According to the crisis center, in absolute terms, this is the lowest increase since October 6. The relative increase of new infections is at the level of 0.26%.

In the past 24-hour period, 1,958 new cases were uncovered in St. Petersburg, along with 1,935 new infections in the Moscow Region and 642 infections in the Krasnoyarsk Region. Also, during this timeframe, 619 new cases were discovered in the Perm Region and 615 new cases were detected in the Sverdlovsk Region.

All in all, at present, 928,610 patients are still undergoing treatment in Russia.

Moscow daily cases

Moscow’s coronavirus cases rose by 2,630 to 2,005,710 in the past day and recoveries increased by 2,642 to 1,836,874.

Moscow recorded 78 coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours, the lowest daily number since October 21.

The city reported 81 fatalities the day before. The total coronavirus death toll has climbed to 35,964.

There are currently 132,872 active coronavirus cases in Moscow.

Patients' deaths

The number of COVID-19 fatalities in Russia over the past 24 hours has increased by 1,019, compared to 1,023 the day before. In all, 298,222 patients died of the infection.

According to the crisis center, the provisional lethality of the disease (the final one can be determined only after the end of the epidemic) is at the level of 2.91%.

Over the past 24 hours, 64 fatalities were registered in St. Petersburg, 53 fatalities - in the Moscow Region, 38 fatalities - in the Voronezh Region, 36 fatalities - in the Krasnoyarsk Region, and 35 fatalities were recorded in the Volgograd Region.

Patients' recoveries

The number of coronavirus patients discharged over the past 24 hours in Russia has increased by 30,059. In all, 9,014,980 patients have recovered.

According to the crisis center, the total share of recoveries is at the level of 88% of the total COVID-19 case tally in Russia.

Having recovered, in a day 2,024 patients were discharged in the Moscow Region, 1,086 patients - in the Voronezh Region, 996 patients - in the Chelyabinsk Region, 949 patients - in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, and 867 patients were discharged in the Samara Region.