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Russian MPs condemn ambassador’s murder in Turkey, call for anti-terrorism fight

The politicians say the "murder of a diplomatic representative of a state is the gravest crime"

MOSCOW, December 21. /TASS/. Russia’s lower house of parliament adopted a statement on Wednesday condemning the shocking killing of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov and called for a broad anti-terrorist cooperation and increasing security of Russian diplomatic missions abroad.

"With the feeling of sincere indignation after the cruel killing of Russia’s ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, whose mission was to establish genuine good-neighborly relations between the people of Russia and Turkey, the State Duma deputies say about their angry condemnation of terrorism in any its manifestations," the statement reads.

The MPs say the "murder of a diplomatic representative of a state is the gravest crime, which rudely tramples on the norms of international law."

"Those guilty of carrying out this gruesome provocation - both perpetrators and those who directed the terrorist’s hand fueling the sentiment of Russophobia, inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-faith hatred, extremism and fanaticism - should bear the deserved punishment," the statement says.

The State Duma also considers it necessary to take additional security measures to prevent any possibility of attacks on the heads and staff members of Russian diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad.

Call for cooperation against sponsors of terrorists

The MPs call for "immediately establishing effective cooperation of law enforcers and agencies of Russia, Turkey and other states which have the goal in fact rather, not in word to fully eradicate terrorism in a certain region and the world in general."

The State Duma fully supports the December 19 statement of the UN Security Council which calls for bringing to justice both perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of terrorism. "With the goal of curbing the financing of international terrorism, the State Duma deputies urge the parliaments of the UN member-states to adopt the necessary legal measures against sponsors of terrorist activity," the statement reads.

Provocation won’t work

The MPs also stress that any provocations aimed at undermining the Russian-Turkish relations won’t work.

"Those who try to hamper full-format cooperation between Russia and the Turkish Republic, who impede the creation of a genuine anti-terrorist coalition aimed at achieving security and stability on the entire Eurasian continent" by carrying out vile killings and intimidations build vain hopes, the document says.

The State Duma says that the Turkish leadership's decisive and unequivocal condemnation of terror attack in Ankara "confirms confidence that the provocateurs’ actions will be duly rebuffed and that the Russian-Turkish cooperation will be truly effective and constructive despite all efforts of its adversaries."

The development of events in the future leading to the establishment of peace and calm in the region, the full liberation of all settlements from terrorists and restoration of peaceful life in the troubled Syria will become "the best monument" to Karlov, the statement says.

The State Duma once again calls on parliaments around the world and international parliamentary organizations to decisively condemn the increased acts of violence against diplomatic missions and their staff members of late. The MPs call to counter international terrorism in any its manifestations and to unite with the goal of creating an effective anti-terrorist coalition.