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Russia sees cooperation within BRICS as major foreign policy feature — Kremlin aide

Yury Ushakov also added that Russia "is approaching the BRICS Presidency with great enthusiasm and diligence"
Russian Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov Mikhail Metzel/ POOL/ TASS
Russian Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov
© Mikhail Metzel/ POOL/ TASS

MOSCOW, March 5. /TASS/. Cooperation within BRICS is seen as a major vector of Russia’s long-term foreign policy, Russian Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov said in an interview with TASS.

"Cooperation within BRICS is undoubtedly one of the key features of Russia's long-term foreign policy," he said.

"Interaction with the association’s members meets the fundamental national interests of our country and fits in well with our systematic policy of forming a fair multipolar world order and creating equal opportunities for all countries to develop," he said.

About Russia’s Presidency of BRICS

He noted that that during its BRICS Presidency in 2024 Russia plans to focus its efforts "on promoting the entire range of partnership and cooperation within the framework of the association on three key tracks - politics and security, the economy and finance, and cultural and humanitarian ties."

"All these three guidelines are of fundamental and equal importance. They have been identified as the priorities of the Russian Presidency, which will be held under the common motto: "Strengthening Multilateralism for Equitable Global Development and Security," Ushakov said, adding that Russia "is approaching the BRICS Presidency with great enthusiasm and diligence."

In this context, he recalled that Russia has approved a comprehensive Concept of the Russian Presidency. Apart from that, an interdepartmental Steering Committee for Preparing and Ensuring Russia's BRICS Presidency in 2024 has been established under a presidential decree.

About Steering Committee’s work

According to the Kremlin aide, the committee "is responsible for coordinating the participation of Russian federal and regional authorities, parliamentary, business and non-governmental organizations in the BRICS mechanisms, and, in general, all issues related to the Russian Presidency, including the preparation of meetings at various levels and, of course, the BRICS summit."

"The Steering Committee meets on a regular basis. Working groups have been set up within its framework to oversee foreign policy, financial and organizational issues," he said. "All government ministries and agencies, non-governmental organizations and other structures promptly report to the Steering Committee on the progress made and results achieved.".