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US gets dragged into Ukraine conflict, losing self-preservation instinct - envoy

The supplies of more and more powerful weapons to Kiev speaks of the US' mood for escalation, Anatoly Antonov said

NEW YORK, December 18. /TASS/. Washington is being drawn deeper and deeper into the Ukrainian conflict, losing its instinct of self-preservation, the supplies of more and more powerful weapons to Kiev speaks of the US' mood for escalation, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said in an article published in the American magazine Newsweek.

"It is clear that we are at the beginning of a complex and long journey of building a multipolar world," the diplomat said in an article about the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Russian-American relations and the process of transforming the world order. "The Russian Federation advocates that the interests of all participants should be taken into account in the future system of international relations, and that new centers of development in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East could have an equal impact on global processes together with Russia and the United States. Our proposals find more and more understanding and support in various regions of the planet," Antonov stressed.

"It is na·ve to assume that in the course of the abovementioned transformation, the rivalry between the Russian Federation and the United States will cease overnight. Washington will certainly do everything possible to maintain its leading position and 'silence' our voice," the envoy added. According to him, "the Russian-American standoff, if it is to continue, must be mutually respectful." "This is the foundation of both diplomatic practice and basic human communication," Antonov pointed out. The envoy recalled former Soviet ambassador to the US Anatoly Dobrynin’s memoirs that revealed that even during the time of the Cold War, "the basic component of interstate interaction—a genuine desire to understand each other—was present."

"Today, we do not see this kind of Washington's attitude. On the contrary, Russophobia prevails over creativity and common sense so much that the United States is getting increasingly dragged into the Ukrainian conflict, losing the instinct of self-preservation," the envoy said. "The consequences of a further increase in the supply of arms to Kiev's criminals are truly unpredictable. The Administration [of US President Joe Biden] completely ignores our concerns, which we communicate to our interlocutors via all channels available," Antonov continued, "The practical steps of the White House, which is constantly 'raising the stakes' by sending more and more powerful weapons, points to only one thing: Washington is pushing for escalation."

Responsibility of Russia and US

"In this context, it is appropriate to remind the colleagues once again of the special responsibility of our countries for maintaining global security," Antonov pointed out. He noted that Russia and the United States shared "other common priorities, including the fight against international terrorism, climate change, pandemics, as well as ensuring stability in the Arctic region."

The Russian envoy agreed with the opinion of the former US Secretary of State and national security adviser Henry Kissinger, who noted that under the new world order, "traditional American idealism must combine with a thoughtful assessment of contemporary realities." "Therefore, I hope that Washington will after all heed to our arguments and adopt a constructive approach to the Ukrainian crisis and the risks associated with it," Antonov added.