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Russian envoy sees West as hostage to its own position on Zaporozhye NPP

Mikhail Ulyanov noticed that a Chernobyl-like disaster could occur there in certain conditions

MOSCOW, August 16. /TASS/. Western countries who support the Ukrainian authorities in the situation with the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant have been hostage to their own stance, Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna, told the Soloviev Live television on Tuesday.

"I guess many of them realize the dangers all of us are facing. But under no circumstances can they make a negative comment on Ukraine’s position. They are hostage to the support they have been giving to actions by the Ukrainian authorities," the Russian diplomat said.

"The situation looks very shameful and nasty, they (Western countries - TASS) have been pushing Ukrainians to continue shelling the Zaporozhye NPP," Ulyanov said. "This is a risky business indeed, as major contamination or a Chernobyl-like disaster could occur there in certain conditions," he warned.