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Kremlin official points to ideological war aimed at destabilizing Russia

According to Magomedsalam Magomedov, one of the states' main goals is preserving and supporting Russia’s ethnic and cultural diversity

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS/. Today, information and ideological war is being waged against Russia, which is aimed at creating social and political instability, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Executive Office Magomedsalam Magomedov said.

"Unfortunately, an information and ideological war is being waged against our country, which involves destructive activities aimed at laying the groundwork for destabilizing the social and political situation, particularly along ethnic, cultural, and historical lines," Magomedov pointed out.

"The unifying role of the Russian people and the centuries-long interethnic and intercultural cooperation on the historic territory of the Russian state helped form a unique ethnic, cultural, and linguistic variety and spiritual unity of peoples committed to the same principles and values," he went on to say. Among these principles and values, the Kremlin official named patriotism, dedication to family, creative work, humanity, social justice, mutual assistance, and collective solidarity.

"Preserving and supporting Russia’s ethnic and cultural diversity, and its traditional spiritual and moral values as the basis of Russian society is one of the strategic goals of the state’s ethnic policy, which is implemented by state agencies and regional authorities together with civil society institutions," Magomedov emphasized.