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Senior MP slams Biden’s remarks on Putin as ‘triumph of political insanity’

According to the lawmaker, Biden "cannot reach the approval ratings" of Putin

MOSCOW, March 17. /TASS/. The remarks of US President Joe Biden about his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin present a challenge to the whole country and are "a triumph of political insanity," Secretary General of the ruling United Russia party and First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Andrei Turchak noted Wednesday.

"Biden’s statement is just a triumph of political insanity in the US and age-caused dementia of their leader. It is the ultimate level of aggression caused by powerlessness," the party’s press service quoted him as saying.

According to the lawmaker, Biden "cannot reach the approval ratings" of Putin. "Generally, it is a disgraceful and shameless statement. It is a challenge to our whole country," Turchak concluded.

Earlier, Biden sat down for an interview with ABC when he said that the Russian leadership will have to "pay a price" for attempts to interfere in US elections attributed to Moscow. Interviewer George Stephanopoulos asked about Biden’s reaction to the release of an unclassified report by the US chief intelligence office, which claims that the Russian authorities allegedly sought to discredit Biden and his US Democratic Party during last year’s election campaign. "He will pay a price," the US leader said referring to Putin.

Moreover, the White House occupant gave an affirmative answer to the question whether he believes Putin to be a killer.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Wednesday that the Russian administration believes claims that Russia allegedly meddled in the 2020 US presidential elections to be groundless and unfounded. The spokesman noted, "we can only once again express regret that these materials, which are far from being of any quality, are used as a pretext to bring forward the issue of more sanctions" against Russia.