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Kremlin says Mueller’s report was waste of taxpayers’ money

Moscow regrets that the documents of this sort are causing direct influence on the development of Russian-US relations, the Kremlin spokesman said

MOSCOW, April 19. /TASS/. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov believes that US taxpayers have solid reasons to start asking questions why budget money was wasted on special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

"We regret the documents of this sort are causing direct influence on the development of Russian-US relations, whose condition leaves much to be desired," Peskov said.

"Speaking less seriously I should say that in a similar situation our Audit Chamber would’ve certainly probed into what the taxpayers’ money has been wasted on. Anyway, it’s up to the US taxpayers to ask such questions."

He stated that as before Moscow dismissed the charges of intervention in the US presidential election, because there was no such interference at all.

"The latest version of the Mueller report contains nothing new. All that information had been published by different sources and mass media earlier," Peskov stated.

"The report contains no proven evidence that Russia allegedly interfered in the election process in the United States," Peskov said. "As before, we do not accept such charges."

Peskov recalled that the Russian side kept saying from the very beginning of the Mueller-led probe "the investigators will not find any intervention however hard they may try."

He remarked that Russian President Vladimir Putin had repeatedly commented on this theme, "because there was no such intervention."

"The publication of the Mueller report is fresh confirmation of this," Peskov said.

Mueller report

The US Department of Justice on Thursday published the final version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report of the results of his investigation into Moscow’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Mueller claims that Russia tried to exert influence on the 2016 presidential campaign. At the same time he recognized that the probe identified no traces of collusion between President Donald Trump and Moscow.