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Another 4.3-magnitude earthquake takes place in China’s Sichuan Province

No information about possible victims and destruction was reported

BEIJING, September 8. /TASS/. New 4.3-magnitude aftershocks were registered in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province. According to the Chinese seismological center, the earthquake focuses were located 20 km from each other in the Weiyuan County (the southeastern Chinese Sichuan Province).

The earthquake occurred at 10:36 local time (5:36 Moscow time). Its focus was at a depth of 7 km and the epicenter was located 140 km south of the city of Chengdu with a population of 16 million people and 200 km west of the city of Chongqin with a population of more than 31 million. No information about possible victims and destruction was reported.

It is the second earthquake that was registered in the Weiyuan County on Sunday. The first 5.4-magnitude aftershocks were registered at 6:42 local time (1:42 Moscow time). One person was killed and 29 were injured in it.