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Hainan to recycle up to 85% of renewable resources by 2025

By that date, more than 95% of populated areas in the province will establish their own recycling facilities

HAIKOU /China/, November 29. /TASS/. Authorities in the southern Chinese province of Hainan intend to bring the recycling rate of all major renewable resources on the island to 85% by 2025. These targets are set out in the "Development Plan of Hainan Renewable Resources Processing Industry for 2021-2025", the Hainan International Communications Network reported.

According to an approved document, more than 95% of populated areas in the province will create their own recycling facilities by 2025.. In particular, Sanya and Haikou, as well as a number of other cities, are constantly improving their recycling management systems and introducing mandatory separation of household waste, thus laying the groundwork for further rapid development of the renewable resource recycling industry in Hainan.

In 2020, the publication states, the recycling system included a total of 1,389 enterprises, 1,155 recycling points, 33 sorting centers, four sales markets and about 4,000 employees. That year, a total of more than 2.23 million tons of ten major renewable resources had been recycled, a 42.2 percent increase over 2015. The total size of this industry was 5.85 billion yuan ($916.9 million), an increase of 94.81% over 2015.

As for the goal of recycling 85% of major renewable resources by 2025, this includes steel, non-ferrous metals, paper, tires, electrical and electronic products, cars and batteries, among others. In the future, the province plans to create 3,076 recycling stations, 23 integrated sorting centers, six information platforms and six distribution centers without recycling.