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Amount of Hainan's used investments on major projects by mid-September reaches $ 8 bln

Since the publication of Hainan's free trade port program in 2020, agreements have been signed on more than major 350 projects

HAIKOU, October 5. /TASS/. The total amount of used investments on key projects on Hainan by mid-September 2021 amounted to 53.1 billion yuan (about 8.2 billion dollars) — 68% of the planned figure for 2021, writes the "Hainan Daily" citing the provincial development and reform committee.

Since the beginning of 2021, according to the authorities, the implementation of 19 big projects has been launched, which amounted to 86% of the planned figure. Two more projects have been fully implemented. Among the major projects, the newspaper writes, in particular, there are the second stage of Changjiang nuclear power plant, the development of a gas field in Lingshui county and the construction of G360 Wenchang-Lingao highway.

In total, 129 key projects with a total investment of 381 billion yuan ($ 59.5 billion) have been prepared for implementation on Hainan in 2021, of which 78.2 billion yuan ($ 12.2 billion) is planned to be spent this year. The funds will be directed mainly to the establishment and development of production in priority sectors, the newspaper writes.

Since the publication of Hainan's free trade port program on June 1, 2020, agreements have been signed on more than 350 projects with a total investment of over 156 billion yuan ($ 24.4 billion).