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Big Tech’s outage flop indicates need for alternative platforms, says Russian lawmaker

"It is essential to have domestic players in all segments," Alexander Khinshtein noted

MOSCOW, October 5. /TASS/. The global outage of Silicon Valley-based social media giants has demonstrated the need for alternative platforms, in particular domestic ones, Alexander Khinshtein, who heads the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, told TASS on Tuesday.

"Such cases clearly demonstrate the need for alternatives and the opportunity to choose. For example, if Google stops working, our users will easily switch to Yandex. Meanwhile, the Russian search engine is already more popular among the local residents," the lawmaker noted. "It is essential to have domestic players in all segments," Khinshtein emphasized.

Furthermore, the lawmaker emphasized the importance of a direct and timely dialogue with foreign companies, "which should be enhanced by opening their representative offices in Russia." "<…> according to the Landing Law from January 1, 2022, tech giants have to open offices in Russia to fully represent their companies," the lawmaker specified.

As the Russian legislator stated, Monday’s massive crash of social networks once again raises questions about the role of the Internet in people’s lives. "The digital environment should not completely replace real life, and such malfunctions remind us about other ways to spend time, like reading books or talking to friends and relatives," Khinshtein said.

On Monday, users around the globe reported a massive disruption in the activities of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Facebook confirmed that the problem was a faulty configuration change that triggered DNS routers to malfunction, thereby causing a global outage that lasted more than 6.5 hours.