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Yangpu port to set up refrigeration facility with a volume of 3.5 mln cubic meters by 2025

The main goal of this initiative is to create a developed infrastructure that can meet the needs of companies participating in the global food supply chain

HAIKOU, July 28. /TASS/. The economic zone near Hainan's Yangpu port plans to build a large complex of refrigeration units with a volume of 3.5 million cubic meters by 2025 for storing imported products, reported the "Hainan Daily" newspaper.

As the news outlet clarified, the project will be implemented in accordance with the regional development plan for the transportation and storage of chilled and frozen food products for the fourteenth five-year plan (2021-2025), which is still at the stage of approval. The main goal of this program is to create a developed infrastructure that can meet the needs of companies participating in the global food supply chain.

In accordance with the document that is being discussed, a reliable industrial site for large-scale processing of semi-finished products should be formed in the province by 2025. Among the requirements for local enterprises are the digitalization of production and the introduction of smart technologies. In the next few years, Hainan is expected to play a key role in the frozen food trade in the East and Southeast Asia.

According to the plans of the Chinese government, in the next five years, several big refrigeration complexes for storing food with a total volume of 8.5 million cubic meters should be set up on Hainan.

The Yangpu facility will play a key role as it is the island's main deep-water port, equipped with the latest logistics features and fully suitable for the mooring of extra-large container ships.

It is assumed that by 2035 Hainan will establish active trade and economic partnerships with almost all countries and become one of the important global clusters for the processing and transportation of high-quality food and other products.

Yangpu Economic Development Zone is located in Hainan's key industrial complex. The Chinese authorities plan to turn this industrial site with a special customs regime and a modern seaport into a strategically important industrial and transport and logistics hub, where popular brands of a wide range of products will be created. The main trade routes from Europe, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia will pass through it to China.