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Yandex tops list of most expensive companies in Russian Internet segment — Forbes

According to the report, the value of the company reached $22.98 bln

MOSCOW, February 24. /TASS/. Russian IT giant Yandex once again maintaned the leading position in the rating of the most expensive companies in the Russian segment of the Internet, published by Forbes. According to the report, the value of the company reached $22.98 bln.

Yandex has been maintaining the title of the most expensive player in the Russian Internet segment for the third year in a row - in 2020 the company was worth $14.6 bln, and in 2021 it has risen in price more than 1.5-fold. A year earlier, the growth was about 36%.

The second place in the list was taken by Wildberries worth $14.52 bln, and the third - by Ozon, worth $10.58 bln and traded on the Nasdaq and the Moscow Exchange since the end of 2020.

Other companies on the list included Group ($6.084 bln), Avito ($4.907 bln), Lamoda ($2.276 bln), HeadHunter ($1.6 bln), Delivery Club ($1.521 bln) and AliExpress Russia ($1.1 bln).

The rating includes 30 companies with product and services distribution on the Internet. Meanwhile, the year of quarantine - 2020 - was successful for all Internet companies, but marketplaces and aggregators gained most, Forbes noted.