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Putin takes up fight against arbitrary arrests of businessmen, says Kremlin

December 1 has been set as the date for the request to be executed

MOSCOW, July 2. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for measures to be hammered out on curbing the list of reasons for arrests in the business field by December 1. A respective item is on the list of requests after the head of state’s Q&A session. This document was released on the Kremlin’s website on Tuesday.

"The Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation together with the Supreme Court should analyze law enforcement’s practice of selecting detention as a measure of restraint against persons suspected, or accused of committing crimes in the field of entrepreneurial activity. Moreover, taking into account the instructions handed down earlier, proposals must be submitted aimed at eliminating the causes and terms of that measure being precariously applied to the mentioned category of persons," the document says.

December 1 has been set as the date for the request to be executed.

Moreover, Putin has tasked the Presidential Executive Office together with the Supreme Court, the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee with "preparing and presenting proposals on specifying statutory provisions concerning organized criminal activities aimed at preventing the use of those provisions against crimes in the area of economic activities." Putin said earlier that such a provision might be applied to almost every commercial company, which has a board of directors. That request should be executed by August 1.