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Yamal to host 2nd Russia-China Arctic biology resources school

The school will work from August 26 to September 2

HARBIN, June 19. /TASS/. The Russia-China school to study the Russian Arctic zone’s biology resources will be organized on Yamal for the second time, the Center for Arctic Studies’ Deputy Director Andrei Lobanov told TASS on sidelines of the 6th Russia-China EXPO in Harbin on Wednesday.

"Last year [2018], the school was organized for the first time, it was much spoken about in China, first of all in Qingdao (the Institute of Oceanology)," he said. "This year, the competition was very big, and by now all the places are taken."

"The school will work from August 26 to September 2 - at first in Nadym, mostly by the Nadym River, there the students will be working," he continued. "And the next stage is work at our laboratories."

In addition to research, students will have sightseeing tours of Yamal. In 2019, the school will have a group of students in Economy and Humanitarian Studies - the group will work on cost effectiveness and on cooperation with the indigenous peoples, the scientist said.

According to the expert, the Center for Arctic Studies has been working actively with Guangdong’s University and with the Institute of Oceanology in Qingdao. "We cooperate in studying the Arctic’s biology resources, which China has not eyed as yet as materials for the pharmaceutical industry, as they do not comply with the Chinese national classification."

The 6th Russia-China EXPO closes on June 19. More than 1,300 companies from 74 countries have applied for participation in the event. Russia is represented by 137 companies from 18 regions.