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Russia repeatedly invited US to start cyber security dialogue, no reply yet, Putin says

Russia ensures security of its energy system in order to counter cyberattacks, the president stressed

MOSCOW, June 20. /TASS/. Russia has repeatedly invited the United States to enter into a dialogue to formulate rules of conduct in the cyberspace, but there has been no reply from the American side to this day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the annual question-and-answer session.

"We have repeatedly invited our US partners to start a dialogue to formulate some rules of conduct in the cyberspace, including those influencing critically important infrastructures and mass media. But we have not received any sensible answer to this day," he said.

Russia ensures security of its energy system in order to counter cyberattacks, Putin said .

"With regard to the work of our critical infrastructure, energy, other areas, of course, we must think about the ways to protect ourselves from any cyberattacks. From any negative impact. We are not only thinking about it, but also doing it," Putin said.

The New York Times on June 15 wrote that the US intelligence services had begun active attempts to introduce malicious software into the Russian power system. Later, a source in the management of one of the Russian law enforcement agencies told TASS that foreign special services are attempting to infiltrate control systems of Russia’s infrastructure. The source noted that it includes transport, banking, and energy, such attempts were spotted and neutralized.